Common Questions of Clients

How much does it cost?

The price per one hour session depends on your ability to pay and ranges from €50 to €70.
For Couples the prices range from €60 to €80.
For students of counselling there is a special price of €40 per hour.
The usual idea is to meet weekly, though I am happy to meet at various times, for example, to accomodate those on shifts.

What about confidentiality?

Everything you say in the session is confidential, with the following exceptions.

  • If a client discloses a serious intention to harm or kill others, then I will inform the Gardai, as I have duty of care to the public.
  • If a client discloses a serious intention to harm or kill themselves, then I will inform their GP and / or family member.
  • If I become aware of a minor ( a person under the age of 18 ) at risk of sexual abuse ( for example, under the care of a convicted abuser ) then I am obliged to get the minor to safety.
  • If a judge asks for the case notes, I am obliged to surrender them or risk being in contempt of court.

When in public, I will not draw attention to the fact that I know you. You may of course chat to me, if you wish.
For more information see the IACP Code of Ethics and Practice for Counsellors / Psychotherapists.

Can I get Tax back?

Yes. If a GP says you need the therapy.
You either fill in a Med 1 form, or if self employed, the relevant section of Form 11, to claim 20% of the cost of sessions back, in tax relief.
I am happy to give receipts for sessions.
My preference is to give one receipt. It is preferable that clients tender their address and receipt request when they have decided to complete the sessions.

How long will it take?

That depends on many things, such as, the issue itself, how serious it is, how long it has been there and so on.
It is your choice as to how long you continue. However, it is beneficial for you to commit to a number of sessions, usually 6 at least.
Later, towards the end of the sessions, we may agree to meet less often, say every two weeks, then monthly, to have a gradual wind down.